How To Reverse Gray Hair
Reverse The Grey
How Does It Work?

How To Reverse Grey Hair

Reverse The Grey is truly a unique product. The company, Ion Wave, uses a proprietary process that imprints water with bio-available signatures. When we take this water under the tongue it goes into the bloodstream quickly but that is not to deliver the signatures to the cells!

Instead these signatures permeate our field as the bloodstream moves these few drops of water throughout the body. The body, in it's intelligence, knows what to do with the information because it is presented as a blueprint. Digestive ability, nor the lack of, has any effect on the efficient delivery of the formula's information to the body.

There is nothing like this anywhere, it is truly new science and the applications are endless. For now we'll just help people change hair back. We are just getting started.

Consider this for a moment. We take in a lot of fluids and solids to feed our bodies. Notice the outflow too. If the intake and outflow were weighed there wouldn't be much difference. The difference would mostly be what we sweat and what we lose in moisture when we breathe.

Could it be that we don't need the nutrients as much as we need the vibration of them?

The body is physical and does contain minerals and enzymes and more, but, it's also about 90% water. We certainly do need to eat food and drink fluids, but we are not limited in the way we can uptake and utilize the bio-available signatures found in nature.

This is a subtle yet powerful use of quantum field physics. Check this out "Water as a Quantum Computing Device" We are not the the only ones to discover some of the amazing abilities of water. Bottom line: Water holds memory.

Although the homeopathic process is not used in the preparation of our formula, it is another example of water holding memory and having causative effects on the body.

Even though it takes only seconds for the formula to enter the bloodstream, it takes about an hour or more for the information contained within to fully permeate our electromagnetic field. Yes sounds like crazy talk, but, there's more to heaven and earth than meets the eye.

This has nothing to do with homeopathy, radionics or anything currently in the public domain. Our formula is extremely stable, there's no problem going through airport xray machines, you can't do that with homeopathics. Freezing also causes no reduction in potency or effectiveness.

"Just finishing my second bottle and now seeing new black roots, I want to keep going! What is interesting is I can actually feel the formula, I feel like getting out and doing things."     J.M.

Reverse The Grey works by turning back the clock on hair follicles.

The natural result of this is the return of original hair color. How exactly is this done? The technology we use is proprietary. The new process we use to create our formulas overcomes all conditions of cause, and reverts gray and white hair back to original color, regardless of age.

The important thing to know is that Reverse The Grey is very gentle and absolutely natural in the way it functions in the body.

Questions? Check the FAQs.  Now that you know how to reverse grey hair give it a try and see the results for yourself.

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