Herbs for Gray Hair

Herbs for Grey Hair
There are a few herbs that have been recommended and used for the reversal of gray hair. A quick look at them is not encouraging when you consider the large amount of herb that needs to be consumed over time to reverse gray hair and keep it that way. The side effects should be carefully considered.

Sage For Grey Hair
A wonderful and aromatic flavor herb, well known and used for centuries. But what if it is used in greater quantities to achieve the aim of a return to natural hair color? The following warning comes from eHow.com.

"Alternative medicine, including using herbs for medicinal purposes, is a wonderful option and generally has great benefits to its users; however, consumers need to be aware that even the most benign appearing herb can have serious ramifications on your health. You could be allergic to it or it may interact adversely with your current medication(s)."

"Sage contains thujone, which, according to Evitamins.com, can cause mental confusion and an increased heart rate if small amounts are taken over a long period of time. Large amounts can reportedly lead to convulsions. This should be taken into consideration before you use this herb for medicinal, or even culinary, purposes. Thujone is otherwise known as "grand wormwood" and is present in absinthe, the liquor that is said to produce hallucinations in those who drink it. However, thujone is considered to have restorative and healing qualities. It is related to menthol." Venture forth at your own risk.

All things in moderation comes to mind for sage and other herbs. Herbs are natures gift to man and beast. Healing, soothing and restorative herbs are the original pharmacopia. In fact they are the modern day pharmacopia too, many of todays drugs are synthisized versions of active components found in herbs.

Herbs are best used to help the body correct an inbalance when the body needs a helping hand. But, it is best not to use them on a long term basis as they force the body to do what it is unable to do on its own.

Herbs are ok short term, but, changing grey hair back is a long term process.

If herbs are taken on a long term basis, the body's systems will rebel and nullify the effects of the offending herb. It matters not how benefitial it might have been at one time. That's just the way it works.

Curry For Gray Hair
Said to help prevent and even help reverse the graying of hair. Well, I've seen plenty of East Indians with gray hair. Who eats more curry than they do? There are recipes for applying a curry and mulberry oil to the hair. How often are you willing to put in the effort? Once begun there is no stopping since curry and mulberry oil are incapable of correcting the underlying cause of gray or white hair.

Fo-Ti For Gray Hair
The most talked about herbal solution for gray hair. There plenty of information about Fo Ti, also named Ho Shou Wu, which means "A head full of black hair" in Chinese. Also known as Polygonim Multiflorum in English. The Chinese believe that gray hair and hair loss are the direct result of problems with the liver and kidneys. Fo Ti contains nutrients that that are claimed improve the condition the liver and kidneys. The effect would be a reverseal of the graying hair process.

Side Effects of Fo-Ti
Its rare, but some people develop an allergic skin rash after taking fo-ti. Other side effects include loose stools. Taking more than 15 grams of the processed root can cause numbness in the extremities. Problem here is the sensitivity of the individual and the accumulation in the body. If the liver, digestive tract or lymph are congested it would be easy enough to consume too much Fo Ti. There is a concern that fo-ti might make existing liver problems worse.

There have been three published case reports of acute hepatitis following the use of a fo-ti product called Shou-wu-pian, which is manufactured in China. It is not known whether it was due to fo-ti or product contamination.

One study tested 32 plants used for menopause in traditional Chinese medicine. They found that fo-ti had the greatest estrogenic activity. People with estrogen-related cancers of the breast, ovary, uterus, and prostate should take extra caution because the effect of fo-ti in humans is not known.

Bottom line: Although herbs are very helpful for short term use, the effects of herbs are not consistent among users and are not suitable for long term use without complications. There are herbal formuals on the market for returning gray hair back to normal that contain dangerous combinations of herbs that should not be used together. Research the side effects and decide if you are ready to commit to long term use.

The Solution For Gray Hair
Herbs for graying hair do not have to be a problem however, new science has been developed that offers a safe and effective solution. Reverse The Grey is that solution and is available to you now. Find gray hair reversal here.