No Gray Hair

Reverse Grey Hair Naturally
To Its Original Color And
You Will Look And Feel
Younger Again

Reverse The Grey
Restores Natural Hair Color

A breakthrough in new technology allows you to restore your natural hair color in the most effective way possible.

The most common assumption is that once your hair turns grey there's no turning it back to its natural color. The idea is that you must be resigned to live with it, or cover it up with color so you can feel better about the years rolling by. Not true!

You no longer have to resign yourself to settle for greying hair and the way it makes you look and feel.

Color treatments are expensive and time consuming. We hear that women typically spend from $60 - $125, and two or more hours, not counting travel time, to maintain hair color every month. What a hassle.

We live in a time of advancing technology and the solution for reversal of grey hair naturally, to its original color, is finally here. Read about how it works.

"There's a noticeable difference with my roots (after two months). Seeing a lot of new black roots and I don't have to color it as frequently now. Can hardly wait till I no longer have to dye my hair at all!"     L.M.

"I've been taking Ion Wave's "Reverse the Grey" for exactly 6 months now. My hair is cut very very short and it's obviously thinning, so it was pretty easy to see all the grey, and my scalp when I began, I was totally grey. I don't know when I first noticed my hair color beginning to change, perhaps after about 2-3 months but now there is practically no grey in the hair that is being trimmed off at each hair cut. I'm VERY satisfied and committed to using the product daily."     F.G.

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